CinemixTV Plus+

What is CinemixTV Plus+ ?

It is a private membership.

What is my advantage?

Completely ad-free episode viewing pleasure. Also more than 7000 episodes (since 2011). And all of them can be downloaded.

Why do we need this?

Obviously the site costs are increasing every day. We have difficulty in meeting the cost. We are waiting for your help.

How much do I have to pay?

Only 4 or 6 dollars per month.

What happens to my membership if the site closes?

This is a very low probability. But if it happens, we'll open a new site :). You can continue from there. The link will be sent to you by mail.
Important warning
Patreon is a completely safe site. Please see the site for more information. If you made any payment for "Plus Membership". Send me your e-mail address. Your membership will be active immediately.


You can buy me beer if you want. Cheers.

Tier 1

No Ads.

HD quality videos.

Tier 2

No Ads.

HD quality videos.

Download option.

Over 7000 episodes archive, and all of them can be downloaded (Since 2011).

80s and 90s episodes.